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Cick here to rent from home.  and enter code# tr12b You can have your instrument delivered right to your home or you may choose to pick it up here at Awesome Music.  We like our customers to pick them up here so we can hook you up with the necessary cleaning supplies and the instructional books that your teacher needs you to have for class.  We keep all of those things and more in stock to make it a one stop shopping trip for you, our valued customer.

FIRST MONTH FREE!!! Did we say FREE?  Yes with us you get the first month free. We also apply every payment to the purchase of your instrument with upgrades and roll overs. NO ONE else will do this for you, NO ONE!!!! We are the leader in the area for Musical Instruments and supplies, lessons, equipment, lay away and more. So, do you need to go anywhere else? NO! We have it all and at the best price.

You can't touch this. Shop around, find any of our supplies on the internet, locally, any where any place.  Bring us proof you can get it for less or at a better deal and we will meet it or beat it. What more can you ask for?  God Bless and "WE BE JAMMIN'"

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