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WHAT IS HAPPENING IN OUR AREA: We offer this link and others so you can find out what is going on in the Panhandle of Florida, the state of Florida and Mostly Panama City and the surrounding area.   Find Events & Entertainment in Panama City    Other listing will be added as we locate them.  If you know of any good listing please contact us by email. 

Need POWER TABS???? Need Guitar Pro Tabs???
Need Tabs????  Just click to visit Ultimate - Guitar
where you can find tabs for almost any artist.
Note: we have found most of the tabs to be wrong but close; the only way to get a correct score of music is to buy it. Buying music supports the artist and their copywrite and we at AWESOME MUSIC believe in supporting the artist.
>>>>>>>>  CLICK HERE !!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You gotta check out LA's Harmonica website!!!  He's been blowin' that harp for so long now and is a wealth of information on all kinds of things dealing with the harmonica.  If you need lessons here, locally, remember we have our resident ace-in-the-hole harmonica virtuoso, Mr Joseph Limmer, you can find out info on him on our "Lessons/Contact page.

Great site for you fiddlers, like me :) Remember the instrument is a VIOLIN the STYLE of playing is Fiddling. NO such thing as a fiddle!!!!

This is an Awesome website for Banjo players. FREE lessons in many styles, Videos, Tabs etc...
You can even sign up for a drawing for FREE BANJOS, now that is Awesome!!!
Click Here !!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

If you're a Dulcimer player like me :), and I teach Dulcimer. Then you're going to love this site, Dulcimer tabs galore.Just click the picture and enjoy. Many songs, many artists,hours of fun.

The Banjo Teacher .Com an AWESOME Place for Banjo Stuff. Music, Equipment, and lots more. Visit Ross and see what he has to offer. Ross has been to our store and held a Banjo workshop on March 18th 2008 and assures us he will return. Just click on the Banjo to visit him and say hello from Awesome Music.

Here is a NEW website for the Flatpicker Guitar
player. FREE Giveaways, great tabs and lessons.  Check it out and tell them Awesome Music sent you. <<<< Click the picture to go there.

The Banjo Philes:
It is my goal to provide a resource for people interested in
the history of vintage banjos and also the re-creation of that desired"old" banjo tone, focusing on recordings of various banjos with different components and setups.  There are numerous offerings in the marketplace today, all of which claim to be the secret to that "prewar" tone, driving the need for an objective source to sift through all of the "snake oil" and "voo-doo" and hear for yourself!

I've been helped personally by this gentleman and saved a great deal of money contacting him through his website, If you're a Banjo lover like me and need help researching a banjo click to contact him.

Dick Meis's Pedal Steel Guitar
A great place for Pedal information.

Jay Buckey .com Yes this is Another Awesome Music Site. So much stuff here for the Banjo, Fiddle, Guitar, and Mandolin we just can't name it all.  Hours of surfing this guys website.

A website devoted to Acoustic and Electric Lap Steel Guitars. offers one of the best values in Christian music. Our mission is simple: to increase worship on the earth!  Make us your one-stop store for worship & praise music by Vineyard, Integrity Hosanna, Maranatha, Worship Together, Hillsongs and Brentwood and the largest collection of quality independent & import worship music.

Spiritual Cinema Circle the Heart and Soul Cinema.

Experience and enjoy an up lifting in movie viewing.

So we couch potatoes can view something with a true meaning.

Christian Guitar Resources .org Many choices for your love of the Lord.  Visit them and be inspired with praise. I visit this website daily.

Here you can find a great selection of Praise and Worship songs. Chord sheets with words for your favorite songs. I have found that some are not in the recorded key and you may need to transpose.
<<< CLICK to visit the I Will Worship Team

Here is another GREAT resource for Praise and Worship music. This is an awesome music site. Click and enjoy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

ELECTRIFY YOUR STRINGS .com with Mark Wood  now this is an Awesome Music website to experience.  If you're bored with the traditional style of playing or are still a first position fiddler.  Maybe you're one of those that think a VIOLIN is a Fiddle and just don't understand that a fiddle is a style of playing and not an instrument. Well, check out this website then contact Doctor Larry to learn how to use an Electric Violin to expand your music.

Piano, Violin, Sax, Flute, Etc... Free down load of Music writing software.
A Music Composing and Composition Software.
Many upgrades to choose from if you wish.
Check it out, it's FREE !!!!  We use it.
<<<< Just Click Here!!!!

Young Composers .com where Musicians Share Ideas.

Teoria Music Theory
This is a place to learn music theory.
If you're studying with our instructors or just want to brush up on theory then click here.

Happy Note .com Now this is an Awesome Music Site
for the kids.  Free down loads of games, puzzles, screen savers,
deck tops and more to help the little ones to learn to read music.

FREE STAFF PAPER ANY CLEF.  Just click on the Logo and down load as much as you want.  Any Clef, any amount of staffs per page as you like.

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