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Don't let those Christmas Gift Instruments sit around collecting dust!!!  Currently signing people up for After Christmas and Spring Music Lessons!!!  COMING SOON...THE AWESOME MUSIC RECITAL!!!   Watch for details!!!

12 professional teachers ready to teach you how to play the music that you call "AWESOME"!!!

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We are the BEST source for guitar lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, expert guitar repair, school instruments, LYNN HAVEN and PANAMA CITY's premier music store.  Our reputation says "AWESOME!"

Awesome Music Lesson Cost/Policies: Half hour sessions are $20.00 each and 50 minute sessions are $35.00 each if customers pay for 4 or more lessons at a time. All lessons are the same cost no matter what you're learning. Lessons are due to be paid for on your fourth 'paid for' lesson.  If you wish to continue you are requested to pay for the next four sessions, this secures that time slot for you. If you elected not to pay when your lessons are due or indicate you will pay next week your time slot is considered OPEN and can be booked by anyone wishing to pay for that time slot. If you know you're going to miss a lesson time we request at least a 24 hour notice to reschedule a make up lesson before your next regularly scheduled lesson.  You will lose your paid lesson if you call the day of your lesson OR do not show up or don't call to set up a make up lesson prior to your scheduled time. If you want to pay for lessons individually the rate is $25 for a half hour session and $45 for a 50 minute session. This in no way commits Awesome Music to any obligation but is a brief description of our Lesson Cost and Policies in their most simple form. We have and do offer specials on rates and other situations as we see fit. For contact call (850) 769-0900 or click on a teachers picture. NO REFUNDS ON LESSONS!!!!! Email:

Tampa Stadium; Tampa, Florida     1979  Playing with " The Press "

Mr. Bill is the owner of Awesome Music located at 910 Ohio Avenue  Lynn Haven, Florida 32444. Phone and Fax (850) 769-0900.  Mr Bill teaches Bass, Guitar and Mandolin and Ukelele.  He has an AA degree in Music from St. Petersburg College and 43 years of experience teaching and performing with bands, orchestras, church worship teams and choirs, playing bass, guitar, mandolin, ukelele, keyboards, marimbas, hand percussion and a few more instruments.  Well versed at PA set ups and operation, recording and leading groups and recitals.  He had a very successful street ministry for several years. Check out some of his original music on www.reverbnation/Billy Charles. You may call (850) 769-0900, e-mail, or come by the store to set up appointments.  Contact Mr. Bill click on his picture.  All instruction contact, registration, and payments for lessons are through Mr. Bill; as Awesome Music is his store.  Just click on any picture and Mr. Bill will get back to you A.S.A.P... Email:

Mr. Tom is our Band Instrument teacher, he also teaches Piano/Keyboards. Tom has a Bachelor's of Arts degree and had  worked as a high school band director for a 25+ years and High school chorus for 14 years and middle school chorus for 5 yrs.  He teaches piano, brass, woodwinds, and percussion at our store, he has been here for  around 14 years teaching at our facility.  I know that he has had more than a couple of students that made the All State band each year, so he really knows his stuff. He loves teaching so click on the picture to contact.  For lesson times contact the store at 850-769-0900 or Email:

Hannah May is originally from Pensacola, Florida where she studied violin with the well-known teacher Anna Tringas. As a teenager, she played for several years with the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra. After breaking her arm, she attended one summer course at the Meadowmount School of Music in New York to help with the recovery of her violin skills. After a while, she laid the violin down for 18 years, thinking she would never play again. However, in 1998, she began to want to play again, and her husband bought her another violin as a Christmas gift. She has been playing ever since, mostly in church settings, but also for weddings and other occasions. She has taught violin in the Panama City area for a few years. She is also a member of the Paradise Point Players, a group of former students of Anna Tringas, who play for the Anna Tringas Legacy Fund to raise scholarship money for aspiring violinists. Hannah was inspired by Mrs. Tringas' long-time investment into the lives of young students who are now playing their violins all over the world. Believing in the importance of proper technique, she would like to continue her teacher's legacy, by giving students a good technical foundation to get them started on their violin journey. To Schedule lessons with Mrs. Hannah call us here at Awesome Music 850-769-0900 or click on her picture to send an email.

Need a GREAT flute teacher?  This is Beatriz Roth she not only teaches flute but is excellent on the piano, too.  She has taught in Germany and in Havana Cuba as well.  She has her Bachelor's in Art with a 4.0 average!!  Beatriz has also performed in a number of musical groups and in church services.  Currently, she is the Vice Principal of the Bay County Pops Orchestra. Also, we congratulate her as she starts her new daytime job as the music instructor for Springfield Elementary School!!  We're so BLESSED to have her come on board with us at Awesome Music.  For lessons with Beatriz please call 850-769-0900 or Email:

Awesome Music is honored to have Matthew Lindsey as an intricate part our guitar teaching staff!!!  Matthew has been playing and performing guitar for 18 years in and around the Panama City area, most recently performing with the popular local group "Mulberry Republic", if you want to learn to play rhythm or shred some awesome lead, Matthew is the guy to teach you.  Matt teaches beginners and advanced techniques and everything in between. He's the one with the 'smokin'' fingers!!!!  To arrange a lesson with our resident shred-meister, Matt.  Call Awesome Music at (850) 769-0900 or email us at

Joseph Limmer, our harmonica and trumpet instructor started playing at age 9 beginning with low brass instruments like baritone horn, trombone, euphonium, and tuba, then he picked up trumpet and fluglehorn, guitar and bass guitar but his specialty is that sweet harmonica!  Joseph played in numerous symphony orchestras and jazz bands and has been playing in many different bands and helping out playing in local churches in this area. He also worked as an on-site musical subcontractor for Walt Disney Studios and can be heard on some Disney motion picture soundtracks.  He is a great instructor, also currently performing on horns and harps with local groups.  If you would like lessons with Joseph call us here at Awesome Music 850-769-0900 or Email

Danyelle Kirchoff is one of our Voice Instructors, she is a Vocal Performance Major at Gulf Coast State College and serves as the student conductor for The Singing Commodores and the choir director for Girls Inc. of Panama City.  She has performed at many venues in the Panama City area with The Gulf Coast Concert Chorale, and The Singing Commodores.  She also enjoys singing at church.  For Vocal Lessons with Danyelle call Awesome Music at 850-769-0900 or email us at

Piano and Keyboard lessons?  Sign up with Ms. Nan Youngblood. She's been teaching piano students of all ages for almost 50 years.  She LOVES HER STUDENTS!!  And, LOVES that many former students stay in touch year after year.  She is a native of Panama City.  She had private classical piano lessons in her youth, occasionally helping her instructor teach beginning students.  Aside from her hometown, she has lived in San Francisco, New York City, and Kissimmee.  She studied Music and Piano Performance at City College San Francisco, where she performed and taught.   In New York City, she enjoyed working for the Secretary of Greater New York Musicians' Union, Local 802.  She taught piano at Jammers Music in Kissimmee and St. Cloud, and played piano with the Osceola County Center for the Arts Jazz Band.  Here in her home town, she has been teaching full time piano lessons, private and group since 1995.  Her group classes were in the Bay High School Performing Arts Magnet Program, and Tommy Smith Elementary Piano Program.  She has performed with the Orchestra of St Andrew Bay (now Panama City Pops), Bay wind Community Band, Martin theatre, and the Gulf Jazz Society.  We are so to have Miss Nan on board with us at Awesome Music!!!  For lessons with Miss Nan please call us at (850)-769-0900 or email us at 

Chuck Unkle is our jammin' percussion instructor, he hails from the Florida Keys and began touring with bands in the early 1980's.  He studied with Quincy Jones at Berkley in Boston and Jazz Fusion at Miami University.  He also learned recording techniques at Criteria Studios in Miami. he teaches beginning, intermediate, and advanced drum classes. Chuck is a true artist and enjoys imparting the creative art of drumming as well as song arranging to his students.  If you would like to sign up for classes with Chuck Unkle call us at Awesome Music 850-769-0900 or click on his picture to send an Email to

Malinda Shepard is one of our Awesome Vocal Teachers!!  She has been singing since the age of 5, and has been involved in musical groups, show choirs, praise bands, and toured with a ministry team called "Generation of Fire" throughout her teenage years.  Malinda has been teaching vocal lessons and leading worship for many of our local churches on staff, volunteering, and as a guest worship leader for the past 11 years.  If you would like Voice Lessons with Malinda call us here at Awesome Music 850-769-0900 or email us at

Scott Fryer is our Drum Instructor, he teaches drum kit as well as marching band drum line.  Originally from Los Angeles, California, he has been performing for over 40 years on both the drum kit and Marching Arts.  He teaches proper technique, music notation, and drum kit applications in a wide variety of genres and styles with an emphasis on expression, dynamics, and meter!!  Currently a member of Kyle Mitchell Band and The Jeff Carter Group, formerly of Barbed Wire Creek. A super talented guy that will show you his vast wealth of percussion knowledge.  For lessons with Scott please call us at (850)769-0900 or email

Christian Honda is a guitar and brass instructor. He is a multi-instrumentalist and a student at Gulf Coast studying as a Music Major with jazz and classical guitar as his primary focus.  He has an extensive music education and experience as the Drum Major at Bay High School and has performed all over the USA and Canada with the band and choir.  Skillful as a musician and exceptional in music theory, he plays brass, marching drums, bass, piano, and vocals.  If you would like lessons with Christian please call us at Awesome Music (850) 769-0900 or email us at

Interested in voice, ukelele, piano or saxophone lessons Emily Nolan is a music education major from the University of West Florida.  She has experience with classical vocals, pop vocals, piano, ukelele, guitar, and saxophone.  She has performed at many local venues and events. She graduated with honors from Gulf Coast with her Associates of Arts Degree in Music, and she received the Outstanding Achievement in Music Theory, and Outstanding Sophomore Music Student Awards.  While at Gulf Coast College she tutored students extensively in music theory and voice.  She graduated recently after studying  Music Education and Classical Voice at the University of West Florida. Emily begian her 2nd year as the Music Instructor for Callaway Elementary School!!!  Whether you are just beginning, or a more advanced singer, Emily can help you unlock your true voice, and find freedom in any genre you want to sing!  Currently she is working here solely as a substitute for when our other instructors can't make it for your lesson.

Katharine Parry is on our summer staff here at Awesome Music, she is currently in the Music Education program at the University of North Florida, specializing in Vocal studiesShe has been playing piano since age 6 and has been singing for the majority of her life in school ensembles, at church, and performing backup vocals with such bands as Foreigner and Josh Groban. Katharine has sang the National Anthem at a number of sporting events and also for George W. Bush in 2004.  She has had a number of  leading roles in shows and musicals.  She is teaching Voice, Piano, and ukulele For summer lessons with Katharine call us at 850-769-0900 or email us at

We have partnered with Hess Entertainment to raise charitable contributions for local charities such as The American Cancer Society and The Heart Foundation as well as supporting music programs for our local children!!  Check out Hess Entertainment's website for more information on this and the next BIG concert coming to the Panama City area!!!

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